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FRONTBURNR | September 18, 2014

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Why A Diablo III Console Release Is Exciting

| On 10, May 2013

Pre-orders are now open on Diablo lll on PS3. This might seem like small potatoes to some, but it shouldn’t be.

Diablo 3 officially released on PC on May 5th 2012 and quickly became a reason to get back into PC gaming if you hadn’t been at the time. Unfortunately, the launch was bogged down by server issues (remember all the Error 37 talk?) for the first few days, and saw a lot of rage due to its always-online requirement. It sold extremely well and is regarded as a very good game but hasn’t fulfilled the promises of a fully functional PvP mode.

So, over a year after its release, why should the playstation fan base be excited about Diablo 3 on their console?

I’m glad you asked.

Diablo fans should be excited about this release. Not only will it give fans a reason to return to the title on a new platform, but it offers a unique feel to replaying the game on a console.

Replaying with a Controller is a New Experience

As primarily a Playstation gamer this generation, I will admit to a small amount of excitement over being able to add Diablo lll trophies to my trophy list but more than that it is the opportunity to play this game with a controller. This console generation brought PC quality gaming to the home consoles to the point that made me prefer console play over PC gameplay for this first time. Games like Gears of War, Arkham Asylum, and Uncharted provided the pinnacle of gaming graphics, while also offering the ease of using a controller. Being left handed, I have always found it a bit difficult to play games on the PC because of suggested control schemes, so I was easily swayed to controller play.

Playstation-only Gamers get to play a Blizzard title

When is the last time Blizzard published a game that was released on consoles? Well, the original Starcraft was released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000… but it was not a good port. The PC crowd didn’t like the control scheme, and the N64 crowd couldn’t get use to the complex gameplay and confusing controls.


Diablo was released on Playstation One in 1998, and although it was a shell of the PC version, it was a quality game, and built up a strong Blizzard fan base (especially since they had to give up 10 blocks on their memory cards for a game save). So now Diablo III is coming to consoles, 13 years later.

New Ways to Play

Blizzard has learned from its previous mistakes by taking its time with this PS3 port. It has not only taken the time to rework the inventory system to feel more “console-friendly”, but it has also has simplified a few minor gripes PC gamers had with the game. For one, the health potions in the game now level up in accordance with your characters level. No more having to worry about having minor healing potions equipped when you should be using greater healing potions.

Also, the inventory system is now built on more of an inventory wheel than a large spreadsheet of boxed in images. This will allow users to flow through their current equipment and loot with ease using the analog sticks.

Finally, a dodge move has been added. As simple as this concept is, anyone who has played an action RPG like this and wanted the ability to dive out of the way of a fatal attack will find this move a welcome addition. Having spent approximately an hour with the game on the PS3, i can say with confidence that this version will be a more approachable, and more agile Diablo III experience, that has the possibility of turning this franchise into one of the final must-own titles coming out on this generation of systems.

And the Most Overlooked Advantage of All

If approachability, ease of play, an improved subtleties weren’t enough, here’s the kicker: The PS3 version of Diablo III will not require online play. That means that in 10-15 years, when you want to play this game for nostalgia sake, and Blizzard decides to turn off the online servers, you will still be able to play this game on your PS3. In an age of gaming where always-online is becoming a function, rather than a flaw, this is one of the most welcome features Blizzard is offering for Diablo III on PS3.

This type of game may not be for you, but I for one am a gamer that likes to see more people get their hands on the most popular titles, so thank you Blizzard Entertainment for bringing this once known “click-fest” to the console community.


  1. Stephen Haberman

    Can’t wait to play Diablo lll again!

  2. “quickly became a reason to get back into PC gaming if you hadn’t been at the time.” If anything it became the reason to escape from this fucking planet after dropping a nuke on blizzard and activisions diabolical fucking offices.

    Diablo 3 was a horrid poorly designed yet polished turd that failed at every step to live up to it’s name.

  3. IcleIstus

    Dont forget the offline couch – coop, like with CoN and Baldurs gate games, Thats the strongest point.