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FRONTBURNR | September 23, 2014

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Where are the boundaries in this console war?

| On 19, Jun 2013

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I walked into a local GameStop to purchase The Last of Us. This wasn’t my regular GameStop so the employee behind the counter asked if I had already pre-ordered my next gen console. I responded by telling him I had the Xbox One pre-ordered at another store. He gave me a look of despair and said “oh, I’m so sorry” as if I had just told him my parents died. I gave a halfhearted fake laugh and wished he would hurry up with my trade-ins so I could get the hell out of there. The clerk took his time so that he could explain to me why I made the wrong decision by ordering the Xbox One. GameStop employees are there to inform consumers about their products but should they be harassing people about which next-gen console they choose to buy?


Everyone has their own opinions about what console they plan on siding with but should stores like GameStop, Best Buy, or wherever you buy games, be discouraging customers from buying one or the other? Shouldn’t that be left up to the customer? I kindly told the clerk I had done plenty of reading online and had my own reasons behind ordering the Xbox One. Still dissatisfied with my answers the clerk went on to say how much safer PSN was and that hackers would eventually find their way to Xbox Live. At that point I was practically out the door.


The war between the consoles has invaded the stores that were once neutral territory. I’m going to sound like the flower power hippy here but can’t we give peace a chance? Especially when it comes to where we buy our games. I welcome any and all information you want to throw at me GameStop but when it turns into harassment or badgering, that’s where I draw the line. I don’t need you to tell me I’m wrong or belittle me for my decision.

We are months away from any next gen console launch and tempers are running high after E3. I am all for GameStop informing their shoppers about the facts released about the two upcoming consoles but keep your personal opinions to yourself unless asked. Everyone should be given the chance to make their own choice on the matter without being harassed by an employee. As for the gamers, we need to stop ridiculing those who think different from us and start getting excited about the new things coming to the industry.

6/21 UPDATE: After completing the survey offered on my receipt, I received a call from a GameStop regional manager. He was very apologetic about the encounter I had and assured me that the views expressed to me were not the views of the company. I also received a call from the GameStop I have my Xbox One pre-ordered at. They too apologized and wanted me to know that the regional manager had emailed all his stores to address the issue. Customer feedback does make a difference!


  1. E. Johnson

    I wish this was a localized event, but I doubt this will be the first or last overzealous Sony fanboy looking to white knight by using his GameStop (or other retailer) as a fiefdom and pushing his views onto customers.

    Here’s why I both laugh and shake my head at this story: If the PS4 was THAT strong, it would speak for itself. The sheer fact that these guys and gals feel the need to jump onto a soapbox and tell everyone how terrible the Xbox One is and how “true gamers” will buy the PS4 is just asinine.

    I’ve had my bad run-ins with GameStop employees in the past, but this takes the cake.

    • Jill

      I think every gamer has had some bad times at GameStop but this is the first one that actually made me think about never going back. I’ve moved on to using Amazon most of the time, but this was a spur of the moment stop in the mall. I’m at least never going back to that specific GS location.

      • E. Johnson

        For the most part, I’ve moved on to using a local store for my trade-ins. They give about 20-30 percent more in-store credit. They have a smaller selection of used games, but they also have old system games from NES on up. They also have movies.

        The employees at my local GameStop are, for the most part, very cool people. They love games and usually just want to swap info about new games. That’s why I still use them for my pre-order business.

        I think the one thing that gamers don’t get is that this new change to the DRM policy doesn’t progress technology any further and the true winners here are GameStop and other retailers that do trade-ins for huge profit.

  2. Shane Harty

    I love the Harry Potter gif hahahaha, good article Jill, I also dislike when people only want to argue and all I want is to have a logical debate, or just voice my own opinion for its own sake

    • Jill

      It’s one of my favorite gifs and I was soooooo pumped to be able to use it lol. I want everyone to be able to voice their opinions and make their own decisions too bad GS doesn’t share that.

  3. Vashadan

    Wow if only the majority of us had time in our day to whine and complain about everything that goes on in our lives. So what if the employee shared his opinion with you? I highly doubt he was belittling you personally as much as he was belittling the up until yesterday Awful big brother control mechanism that was the Xbox one.

    You said you had your reasons for getting he xbox one, did you bother to share those with his person that was trying to conversate with you or did you just blow him off rudely all the while planning to write this articles slandering said employee and his company.

    Retail employees work hard and some times they can get a little excited, that doesn’t mean you have the right to berate them and stand on your little soap box (as you accuse them of doing).

    You’re obviously not that intelligent (you pre ordered xbox one) and your opinions shared here are about a singular experience with one person, and do not represent the company as a whole. But hey, way to be a hypocrite… Maybe get some friends and you won’t feel the need to angrily vent your insanity on the Internet.

    • joshdeane

      No one is saying that retail employees do not have the right to be excited or that they don’t work hard. Appropriate customer service is expected though and in this instance (among others for Jill as well) her experience turned her off to that approach.

      As someone who is friends with Jill, she is hardly angry or insane though your little rant makes me feel like perhaps you may need some help.

      She was not rude to the employee in any shape or form and there was no malicious intent displayed in this article or when interacting with the employee.

      Side note: Unless I am mistaken, no employee was slandered in this article and it is completely appropriate to challenge a company based on customer service experiences.

    • Jill

      I am well aware that this does not represent the company as a whole. In fact I already spoke with a regional manager about the issue and had a great experience/response. He himself stated that this employee was out of line and has had to address him before.

      You clearly missed the point of what I was writing. I am open to GameStop making
      suggestions but not in the rude manor of this employee. The point I’m trying to
      make is, the worst parts of the console war does not belong in the stores from
      the sales people. There is a better way and I suggest if you ever work in
      retail you learn some manners.

      • Vashadan

        Wow you complained to a regional manger because someone shared an opinion with you. And you wrote an article that all of 30 people will read. I hope you feel better, that guy will probably lose his job because you didn’t like what he was saying. Way to be a positive peace loving hippy, or whatever it is you called yourself.

        • Jill

          So you decided to not read the article and the comment I made. I would have let this issue rest if it was a simple matter of sharing opinions but it wasn’t. If the guy loses his job its his own fault for being offensive in the way he decides to treat customers.

        • Goof Juice

          There is a difference between sharing an opinion and forcing your opinion. It sounds like this guy was trying to do the latter. I have for the most part stopped shopping at gamestop for this same reason. This guy should get fired, because he’s costing the company money.

          By the way, you’re the one that sounded very unintelligent here.

          • joshdeane

            Though I wholeheartedly disagree with Vashadan and his approach here, I do hope no one loses their job but is more coached on how to not offend the customers they are trying to educate.

            The main point of the article is about the civil discourse needed for this upcoming generation and putting necessary boundaries for the sake of customer experience in regards to the debate.

  4. Shayde

    Hackers would make their way into Xbox One? Funny, Sony is the one with insecure sites and hackers!!!

  5. Matthew Alan Davis

    I wouldn’t say that they’re “harassing” you. It just seems to me that they’re trying to save some people the heartache of being disappointed by buying the Xbox One flop. That aside, I do agree that a store employees shouldn’t be voicing their opinions quite so clearly to hardcore console fans. I’ll admit, I’m a PS guy and I’d get pretty ticked if some guy/girl was just dragging PS’s name through the mud. They both (PS and Xbox) have faults, but they are legitimate, fun consoles. I don’t spend my time slandering Sony’s competition because I’m having fun on my PS3. (Vice versa with Xbox fans too) They were built for fun. Start having it instead of worrying about something you don’t even have.

    • Jill

      Harassing could be too strong of a word, sure. But he was rude. I’m a fan of both the current gen systems, it’s just that most of my friends play on Xbox so of course I’ll gravitate there. I, like you, am in it for the fun :)

  6. The employee sounds like a moron.

  7. the_espresso_kid

    I recall back in 2009 when I went to buy my PS3 the same thing happened to me, a snotty nosed zit faced gamestop employee openly mocked me for asking about the PS3. I said, “Thanks, I’ll order it from Amazon instead” and walked out, never went back.

  8. Anders

    If you like The Last of and other PlayStation then why did you choose the XBone? Was it the TV features?

    • Jill

      I own a playstation for the sole purpose of playing the PS exclusives such as the Last of Us. I chose Xbox because that is where my friends will be and because I feel my personal information is safer there. My choice has almost nothing to do with the console itself. In fact I’m sure at some point I will own a Ps4. But I had to make a choice for which came first based on my finances.