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FRONTBURNR | August 23, 2014

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What I’m Looking Forward to at E3

| On 23, May 2013

The excitement is building as we are close to the biggest E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in years. I have been covering video games for awhile now but going to E3 has always been something I wanted to do. Thankfully, 2013 is the year that happens and I figured I would provide what I’m looking forward to seeing and playing at the expo.


PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Now that we know, for the most part, what is inside each system and their official names, it’s time we go hands on with them at E3. Honestly, what I want to try out the most: the controllers. Sure, each one has similar features to past models, but the triggers, d-pad and a few new buttons means it will take a little getting used to both.

The new PlayStation Eye and Kinect will obviously need to be tried out. I’m really curious to see just how much room you will need for both. Reports are it is now great for tall people (like me) and that you won’t need 10 feet to be able to enjoy the games for it. There will also be games announced at E3 for both the Eye and Kinect, so it might not be fun to play them in that setting, but somebody has to try them out.


Call of Duty: Ghosts

Yes, another year, another Call of Duty title. This time around I am both an optimistic and pessimistic fan. A new engine is powering the next-gen version of Ghosts, which is news everybody is glad to hear. I am a little skeptical because Infinity Ward has done some bad things with Call of Duty since the Modern Warfare 1 days. The trailer that was shown at the Xbox Reveal did not get me excited one bit for the game. Sure, it looks prettier, but what gameplay enhancements can they make to get people to buy the next generation version of Ghosts? I’m hoping when I get to play it at E3 that question, and more, will be answered.


EA’s Next-Gen Sports Titles

Speaking of new engines — FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live will be releasing on the Xbox and PlayStation 4 with an all-new engine named Ignite. It makes sense to debut a new engine on a new piece of hardware, but I’m curious as to what they will entail. Madden just introduced a new physics engine last year and from the trailer we saw at the Xbox Reveal, I don’t think anyone knows just yet. That trailer looked great, but so did the one EA released back at E3 2006 and Madden NFL has never looked like that.


inFAMOUS: Second Son

As a HUGE inFAMOUS fan, when Second Son was announced at the PlayStation 4 reveal, I immediately decided I was getting that system. Sucker Punch has always been one of my favorite developers, and I’m really curious to see where they go with the franchise. We all know it will be a beautiful game, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the game to see what new gameplay features will be implemented.


Quantum Break

This is a newly announced game exclusively for the Xbox One, being developed by Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Alan Wake). From the short trailer we saw, Remedy showed us again how they love incorporating live-action into their games. I do think we will see a few live-action cutscenes in the full game. I am not sure if this game will be playable at E3 or if it will even launch when the console does. One thing is for sure, Microsoft and Remedy have to at least show some gameplay, and if that’s all they decide to do, I’m fine with that. Much like Sucker Punch, a Remedy-developed game means I am there day one.

New Vita Games

Although we don’t actually know what new PlayStation Vita games will be at E3, you can almost guarantee that Sony will announce some. I wrote a little piece on the Vita a few weeks back where I mentioned how remote play will be a big bullet point for Sony. I stand by that, as I think that will help push sales for the handheld. Still, the Vita will need unique, exclusive games to make sure the people who will consider purchasing the PS4 also think of buying a Vita.

There are of course other games I will be trying out and seeing (Destiny, Thief), but the ones above are what I am most looking forward to getting my hands on. If there are games you can’t wait to hear more information about, let us know and I’ll try my best to get some info for it when I am in L.A. in a few weeks.

Definitely let us know in the comments section what you are looking forward to and be sure to stay tuned to FRONTBURNR as we bring you the latest news from E3.