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FRONTBURNR | September 17, 2014

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Toys “R” Us Blue Chip NCAA 14 Offer

| On 28, Jun 2013

Toys “R” Us WAS going to be offering a free Prima NCAA 14 game guide with purchase of NCAA 14 on Xbox 360 or PS3 when it launched on July 9th, a $24.99 value. The deal has just improved…  

image001An audible has been called in favor of the consumer:

Replacing the aforementioned Prima offer, July 9th through the 13th, Toys “R” Us will be offering a $25 Toys “R” Us gift card with purchase of NCAA 14 (Reg. $59.99). In-store only.

Instead of being beholden to one item, the gift card can be applied to any other Toys “R” Us product. I’ll be using the gift card either on Madden 25 or Splinter Cell: Blacklist releasing in August if it doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket sooner.

In my opinion, this is a much stronger offer and one of the best promotions for a major release this year. 

NCAA 14 will be the first entry into the franchise that will incorporate EA’s Infinity Engine 2 that allows real-time physics to be incorporated into player movement and collisions instead of pre-deteremined calculations. The result will be an experience similar to Madden 13′ that dramatically improves the immersion of the in-game experience with every play.

Couple this addition with over 350 new offensive/defensive formations and NCAA 14 has an opportunity to be a very fresh entry into the series.



The recruiting system has also been completely overhauled, featuring a much more streamlined and innovative approach to team management. The Dynasty Mode in NCAA 14 has all the traits of a fully refined R.P.G. but with a user interface built for all types of sports fans.

The system allows for enough depth for players who love to micro manage their favorite schools or rules can be set to auto-calculate recruiting actions and other team management functions. Aspects of a school’s overall popularity, educational prowess and conference prestige all become factors in providing bonus recruiting points for you to strategically distribute.

My favorite feature with NCAA 14 is the incorporation of skill trees for the head coach and staff that players can customize by achieving goals in the games and season. Your points can be invested into bolstering recruiting efforts or into game management itself. Coordinator buffs can also be set that allow for better player/group skills.



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As a college football junkie, NCAA 14 always marks a special time for me as it signals Football is just around the corner. The return of tailgating, my Saturday afternoon therapy and The Big House (yes, I’m a Michigan fan and a little biased due to Denard Robison on the cover) are within grasp!



  1. Logic Liker

    Do you have a source?

    • joshdeane

      Well technically we are the source :) I work directly with the Toys “R” Us buying team and have launched exclusive TRU deals via FRONTBURNR previously (more coming soon!) and also manage their deal thread on We are developing a gaming community in partnership with them that will be launching very soon.

      • Logic Liker

        Awesome,thanks for the heads up this is a great deal.

        Is this in store only, pre order only, and how long will it run/last after launch?

        • Jordan

          I’m wondering the same. I don’t see the offer yet on the website.

          • joshdeane

            This will be an in-store only offer and actually you will see a completely different offer in print (pictured in the post) that references the Prima Guide promotion (original). The promotion in store will actually be the gift card as the guides are no longer available.

          • Jordan

            Thanks. I’ll check it out in the store on launch day.

          • Tonio

            Do they not carry the guides any more.

          • joshdeane

            They do, however there is a specific issue with this guide that will make it unavailable for launch.

          • Tonio

            So you can’t use your gift card to purchase it. Better question when will the guide be released.

          • joshdeane

            They do carry guides but this one is not available currently

        • joshdeane

          Great questions! It is in-store only, will run Tuesday through Saturday for launch week July 9th through the 13th (not a pre-order offer).

  2. Jagster59

    This is an awesome deal. Quick question on the $25 TRU gift card. Is there a time limit on when the card needs to be used by? I am looking to buy some PS4 games/accessories and would like to use the gift card for some new PS4 items.

    • joshdeane

      I don’t not believe the gift card has an expiration date but will follow up to make sure

  3. Tonio

    @josh do you know when the game guides will be available.

    • joshdeane

      Hello, sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately I do not know when the guides will be available for any retailer but will definitely update the blog if I here otherwise.

  4. Rebel

    Do you know if the gift card can simply be used to buy NCAA Football 14 for $35? I don’t really have anything else I’d use it for.

    • joshdeane

      I believe it can only be used for a future purchase. Thx.