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FRONTBURNR | September 21, 2014

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The Day The Box Art Died

July 9, 2013 |

While walking through the video games section at my local Toys ‘R’ Us, I was just browsing the games they had on the shelf and trying to find something I may have overlooked. These days, it is so easy to … Read More

Amazon Sold Out of PS4 Launch Edition (UPDATE)

June 16, 2013 |

Well, it is not everyday that a new console is announced, and that is why excitement is at its peak in the gaming community. Both the Xbox One, and the Playstation 4 have now been revealed to  crowds of … Read More

What I’m Looking Forward to at E3

May 23, 2013 |

The excitement is building as we are close to the biggest E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in years. I have been covering video games for awhile now but going to E3 has always been something I wanted to do. Thankfully, 2013 … Read More

Why A Diablo III Console Release Is Exciting

May 10, 2013 |

Pre-orders are now open on Diablo lll on PS3. This might seem like small potatoes to some, but it shouldn’t be.

Diablo 3 officially released on PC on May 5th 2012 and quickly became a reason to get back … Read More

Sony Discusses what Makes the DualShock 4 Innovative

April 25, 2013 |

What can truly be applauded is Sony’s commitment to listen to their trusted developers on what they wanted to see out of the PS4 controller:

Read More

Get Off the Rumor Train

April 19, 2013 |

E3 is fast approaching and the next generation of consoles is set to take center stage this year. We’ve already gotten a peek at what Sony has to offer with the PS4 but the new Xbox is still under … Read More

PS4 is Not Backwards Compatible and That’s a Good Thing

February 21, 2013 |

Last night’s PS4 reveal was perfect.

We did not see the console itself. Good. Means Sony is actually thinking. They built momentum without fully lifting up their proverbial skirt on every facet of their intentions. What was last night? As … Read More