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FRONTBURNR | September 16, 2014

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Playstation Evolution

| On 20, Feb 2013

Today’s the big day!



Sony has sent out invitations to media requesting their presence at 6pm EST to make a big announcement. That announcement is…unknown at this time, but as we sit here at the tail-end of the longest console cycle to date, fans worldwide are expecting the unveiling of the Playstation 4. The event is even being live-streamed, indicating that Sony believes it is an important announcement to show, live, to a worldwide audience of potentially millions.



But what if it’s not the PS4?



It’s been heavily rumored that developers are already working with dev-kits with specifications of the next console, so what happens if Sony doesn’t announce their next console today?

Anarchy, that’s what.

Sony, while maintaining a large market-share worldwide compared to Microsoft and the Xbox, didn’t release the Playstation 3 until well after Microsoft had put out the Xbox 360. Despite the hardware issues that the latter had, Sony still had to make up enormous amounts of ground to catch Microsoft.

Some argue that they still haven’t.

Microsoft has taken a large chunk of Sony’s revenue and market share due to their Xbox Live Gold service and the agreements reached with games like Call of Duty to deliver content on Xbox first. If Sony created this hype of their own volition and doesn’t deliver a next-generation console, odds are a social media storm of epic proportions will rain down upon them. Even Xbox players are eagerly anticipating the announcement, because that means Microsoft would have to show their hand and make an announcement.

And if they do make the announcement, what can we expect to see? There are certainly rumors and speculation, most of which revolve around hardware and software integration. First, Sony has tried to establish themselves in the handheld market, albeit with limited results. With smartphones and Nintendo paving the way for handheld gaming, Sony has had a steep mountain to climb. Although by all accounts their newest handheld, the Vita, is a fantastic piece of hardware. Which is why rumors are abound that Sony will make a move to further implement the Vita with the overall PS4 experience.

Second is the intriguing acquisition of Gaikai, the cloud gaming service. Similar to OnLive, Gaikai allows games to be streamed directly from the cloud with little downloading required. As technology moves forward, our internet access expands and gets faster. These innovations allow companies to focus on delivering content to customers in easier ways — what’s easier than sitting at your house and purchasing a game immediately at release?

And finally, what about games? Sony released two first party games for the PS3 in 2012. Two. Dos. In a console market that relies heavily on exclusive titles, two games in a 12-month period is unacceptable. Sony needs to dazzle the audience fast and often. Familiar titles like Uncharted, inFamous, and Gran Turismo need to be unveiled in order to give fans something to anticipate.

So tonight, at 6pm EST on Sony’s blog the gaming community will hold its collective breath as “the announcement” is made. Tonight, we’ll see the Playstation 4. We have to.

We’ll be following the conference live and updating the comment section as the announcements are made. Definitely come back this evening to share your excitement and opinions on what should be an awesome evening for gamers everywhere!

Watch it live:


  1. What else can it be, it has to be the Playstation 4. They can’t be THAT ignorant, they know what we want and they will deliver. I’m extremely excited to see what the future of Gaming holds, being so passionate this is a huge deal for me.

    • I think you are totally right Callum. It has to be the PS4 but what I’m excited to see is what else may be up their sleeve. I think we could see more than just a console announcement. I want to see what they are up to with all the cloud rumors specifically.

      • It won’t surprise me if it’s NOT the PS4, but instead an announcement of a revision of the Vita, more PS3+Vita interactions, Gaikai introduction, and perhaps even more features coming to PS+.

  2. As a big time Playstation fangirl, I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves. I would really like to see a PS3 price drop announced since Steve the PS3 moved on to the great gaming lounge in the sky.

    • I forgot about that, you’re right. A corresponding price move would only make sense.

      • Yeah. Not looking to spend another $600 at launch again. :D

        • You know what? I’ve got no problem paying $600 again if the hardware holds up as well as the PS3 has. I’ve already bought 2x Xbox 360′s at $399 each while I’ve only had to buy one PS3.

  3. Am I the only one who feels like someone needs to make a Bingo drinking game board for this?

    Something like this but updated slightly?

  4. That sounds so very true! If they fail to announce the PS4, they’ll have alienated their customers long before they have the chance to get their money.

    Now is the time they NEED to announce it, so people can save up their money for launch.

    • If they don’t announce the PS4 today, a lot of people will lose faith in the brand. Also, they’ve hyped the damn thing so much they kind of HAVE TO announce today, you know?

      Totilo at Kotaku had some good points:

      • But would they really lose that much faith in the brand? Sony never said anything was coming today, just that they had some announcements to make. The media are the ones who’ve been saying OMG PS4 OMG WTF. If anyone’s disappointed, it’s because they read the hype train instead of waiting to see what was actually coming.

  5. Holy crap! The Ustream is at over 160k viewers and there’s still 20 minutes to go before it starts. People aren’t excited at all. Nope.

    • Everyone’s interested, even PS haters.

  6. Conference is about to begin! Time to get this party started. We’ll start live commented shortly.

    • 310k viewers on the live stream and growing fast

    • That opening video is RIDICULOUS!

    • Mobility is key. This should be interesting.

      • This has to be a lead in for Gaikai.

    • SQUEEEE!!! PS4 logo!

      • Yeah. Fangirl right here. Shut it.

      • PS4 logo

    • Someone just said they saw Master Chief in that mirror. Wah?

    • Did they bring in a new marketing team?

    • 8 gigs of unified memory? Yes, please.

    • Crowd seems underwhelmed by the Dual-Shock 4. Looks just like what Kotaku scooped.

  7. It looks like I’m already seeing a lot of the “hopes” people had getting implemented. Vita controller, for instance.

  8. Oh man, the U R NOT (red) E campaign. I just turned 15 again.

  9. Andrew House, no pressure

  10. Guest

    The opening ad has me more excited for this event than I was for the entirety of E3 in the past few years.

  11. “Talking about this more later this year” — that better not be a theme today!


  13. Officially announced #PS4

  14. Official logo.

    • DualShock 4

      • Charge port/light bar

        • Logo for “Knack”, first game shown for PS4. Looks to be a platformer designed to show off how many particles can be on screen at once

          • Suspend/Resume games – no longer waiting for system to boot up. Play digital games as you download them.

          • Early XMB look?

          • Spy on your friends – stream their game while they play

          • Personalization

    • Gaikai delivers.. Try any game IMMEDIATELY!

      • Unbelievable.. watch your friends play live, post comments to their screen, and even virtually take over their controller and finish a part for them

    • Stream PS4 games on Vita via Remote Play

    • Coming to the PS4

    • GAMECHANGER: Sony aims to put PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS Mobile games on whatever you have.

  15. OK, what exclusive agreements are they getting ready to spring on us?

    • I’m getting excited.

  16. Platform by game creators for game creators. Super charged PC architecture, 8GB unified memory.

  17. Dual Shock 4 controller leak was real. And real disappointing.

    • Neat implements, but the d-pad and thumb stick are in the wrong position. At least for me.

  18. 176gb/s of bandwidth. I’m listening.

  19. Knack demo shows off particle effects very well; impressive.

  20. #Playstation2013 #PS4 Simultaneous digital download and play is pretty cool. Love the seamless sharing of gameplay as well. #socialplay

  21. OK, live streaming and viewing your friends is impressive.

  22. Are you freakin’ joking me? Take over their game? Dude.

  23. That dashboard looks awfully cluttered.

  24. How we feeling about Prediction?

    • I hope I can disable the whole “we think you’re going to buy this game, so we’ve already downloaded it for you” feature

      • Likewise.

      • There are neat features, but Sony has promised things that weren’t implemented in the past.

  25. #Playstation2013 #PS4 Gaikai time!

  26. #Playstation2013 #PS4 #Gaikai Sony is changing what social gaming means. Instant broadcasts, demos…virtual friends over shoulder

  27. Basically “Friendcheat”?

  28. Mind = Blown

  29. Remote play to your PS Vita. YES. That’s how you sell the handheld, Sony. BRAVO.

  30. #Playstation2013 #PS4 Remote play. #PSVita says to #WiiU, anything you can do I can do better

  31. #Playstation2013 #PS4 #Gaikai says entire Playstation catalog could be streamed. PS1-PS4 on any device. #bigpromise

    • No timeline given. I’m not buying it.

  32. Killzone: Shadow Fall

    • Guest

      It’s slightly pretty

  33. #Playstation2013 #PS4 Guerilla Games #KillzoneShadowFall is literally blowing my mind. #beautiful

  34. Killzone: Shadow Fall is slightly pretty

  35. #Playstation2013 #PS4 #DriveClub Team-based racing. Socially connected play. Definitely gorgeous.

  36. DriveClub is pretty

  37. The problem is that these are all just tech demos. Nothing that has me sold yet. It’s … lacking.

  38. OK, superhumans. Intrigued. Prove me wrong, Sony.

  39. #Playstation2013 #PS4 #SuckerPunch exclusive asks, Who Watches the Watchmen? Why super powered humans of course.

  40. “You are not.. in control.”

    Infamous: Second Son

  41. #Playstation2013 #PS4 Jonathan Blow, love him or hate him, the guy makes interesting games. #TheWitness open-world psychological puzzle game.

  42. The Witness, coming from the creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow

  43. #Playstation2013 #PS4 David Cage can we please have a bromance. Wanna do karate in the garage? I’ve got night vision goggles.

  44. The evolution of Quantic Dream’s polygon count

  45. #Playstation2013 #PS4 David Cage showing new facial capture, finally can show the depth of emotion needed to convey meaning.

  46. This is suddenly turning uninteresting.

  47. #Playstation2013 #PS4 Media Molecule. Using the Move controller as a 3D paint brush/sculpting. Minecraft on speed?

  48. PS4 has a loooooooooot of support!

  49. #Playstation2013 #PS4 Capcom – Codename Panta Rhei, new game engine. #DeepDown working title.

  50. Fantasy game? I’m sold. High fantasy? Day 1 purchase.

  51. “Conquer your fear.. or die a coward”

    A blurry (sorry) pic of “Deep Down” (working title)

  52. #Playstation2013 #PS4 SquareEnix real-time demo of new engine. Whatever just happened….count me in.

  53. A tech demo from Square Enix

  54. It’s clear to me that some studios and Sony themselves think gamers care only about hardware specs and visuals. There’s more that we were anticipating for next gen. AI, bigger battles, and vast worlds. They’re not hitting those points. It’s as if they don’t realize that gaming has evolved and we’re interested in other things now.

    • And Ubisoft pops in just in time to prove that there are some devs who get that it’s not about polygon count.

  55. New Watch Dogs live demo

  56. Information on individual citizens makes the city feel alive in Watch Dogs

    • This can’t be PS4 exclusive, can it?

  57. #Playstation2013 #PS4 #Ubisoft #WatchDogs I was already sold but now…obsessed is the right word.

  58. #Playstation2013 #PS4 Blizzard???

  59. BLIZZARD. Diablo 3 on console, here we go.

  60. Holy. Crap.

  61. Diablo III is coming to the PS4.. and PS3!

  62. #Playstation2013 Blizzard is bringing Diablo 3 to #PS3 and #PS4

    • More interested in what this means for the future

  63. Destiny

  64. They can keep talking about Destiny all they want. This whole conference has been a superficial dialogue of promises that may or may not be kept. I’ve seen nothing solid that says “THIS IS IT”. That said … I’m going to buy it.

  65. #Playstation2013 #PS4 #Activision #Bungie #Destiny in-engine footage was great to see. Exclusive playable content for Sony.

  66. Confirmed holiday release.

  67. David Cage showing off the facial modeling on the PS4

  68. I *do* need to say thank you to everyone who popped in here today to watch, chat, or listen to me complain. We’re going to cover PS4 all the way and we’ll remain true to you and honest about the platform!

  69. Great show, great night. A little disappointed we did not see the console but doesn’t take away from all the awesomeness Sony brought us.

  70. The “Share” button