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FRONTBURNR | April 20, 2014

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My Wife, The Casual Gamer, Reacts to: The Xbox One Announcement

| On 23, May 2013

By now you should know that my wife doesn’t keep up on the latest news in the world of video games. Yesterday after I got home from work, she triumphantly told me about the announcement of a new game, only to disappointingly notice that I already knew. I decided that she needed some more bad news in her life and should see the new Xbox One announcement, so she knows what I will be talking about and spending money on later this year.

While the filler opening was running, she kept asking me if the people were important. As it was cycling through people, I was left to explain it like this: “Yes, yes, no, no, no, that guy is a tool, no, Spielberg?!, no, yes, I know that guy!. no, yes, yes, no, possibly, no”

As Don Mattrick was giving his One speech, my wife said “That guy has a weird turkey neck, I bet you they call the system One. He is kind of spoiling the suspense.” When he confirmed that the Xbox One was named thusly, she shot me a smirk and said “Told ya!”

She told me that “The new Xbox looks pretty nice, it will go well with our electronics and furniture. Will it be replacing the current Xbox? What about all those Xbox 360 controllers you have, will they still work? I hope we don’t have to re-buy everything we have!” They confirmed that the old controller is being replaced and she gave me a sad pout-face.

As Mattrick and Yusuf Mehdi talked about Xbox One features, my wife’s interest was piqued. “It sounds like this Kinect will work way better than the old one, that’s good. I like how you can jump from one thing to the other without having to go to the main menu and find it there. It’s always a pain to go from a game to Netflix.

What is ‘the Cloud’?”

When they demonstrated that the Xbox can turn on via voice command, she seemed concerned, “What if I am telling Aiden (our son) not to turn the Xbox on? Will it give me the finger and turn itself on anyways? I am not sure if I like that idea overall.” She followed that up with “It remembers everything? Everything? Does the current Kinect do that? Oh wow, Skype. That could be fun to use. Are they going to do something for Game of Thrones? No? Damn”.

As the ESPN bit ran, she asked me “What if I don’t play Fantasy Football and we don’t have ESPN? I mean the only things we want to watch on ESPN are blacked out locally anyhow. This seems to be unfair.”

During Marc Whitten’s segment, she looked confused and told me “I really have no idea what this guy is talking about. Smart Glass? Kinect reads my heartbeat? Are those specs good? Is this a good system? I hope it is, it looks expensive so I’d want it to be worth it. That also sounds like a lot of servers, 300,000?”

When they started showing games, she reacted surprisingly, “Wow, Madden looks pretty good! Do you think they will have the new uniforms and the new stadium for the Vikings in it? I hope so! We should get that game, I like playing those games…When I win. I wouldn’t mind playing that NBA game either, when did Steve Nash go to the Lakers?”

On the Forza 5 reveal, “That car game looks really good. I like racing games, you should make sure we get that game when it comes out. It looks like there will be a lot of cars! That game is pretty, I want it.”

My wife likes racing games? What?!

On Remedy’s Quantum Break, “What just happened? Did that girl make that happen? That game is weird, why is she special?”

On Halo: The Television Series, “Spielberg makes good movies, I bet you are excited that he is going to do the Halo show. Does that mean that they will have Master Chief in it or is it going to be like that one movie you showed my where those kids sat around and did nothing until the last episode, where most of them got killed because they were stupid?”

As we watched the Xbox/NFL partnership, she told me “I wouldn’t mind being able to have Sunday Ticket on the Xbox, that would be something worth making sure we owned that for. Since it seems that these things run on top of each other, would it tell you if there was a scoring drive going on while you were playing a game? That would be really cool. If they don’t have that, they should. Ugh, once again, I don’t like fantasy football, I like real football. Maybe if the Commissioner would stop worrying about fantasy crap, he could actually fix the league he has screwed up.”

Then the Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal, “This is one of those gun games? Isn’t this the same story? You play the guys that are defending America from the bad guys, bad things happen to you durin- OH LOOK A GERMAN SHEPHERD!” We own a German Shepherd so she seemed a little excited. “Can you play as the dog? It looks really well done! You’d better not hurt it while you play that game.” I think she is going to be disappointed at that outcome.

Overall, when I asked her about her thoughts about the system, she told me “It looks really good. I can see why you are excited. They didn’t seem to show that many games but most of them looked pretty cool. I like how it will actually be part of the living room and not something in the way of normal usage. Do you think that Netflix will be in 1080p? I’m sorry you have to replace your controllers if we get one of these. Also, the Kinect thing seems ok, but I wish I knew a little bit more about how it works and what it is recording and what it is doing when it is ‘turned off’. How much do you think the system will be?

What is the old Xbox called now?
As you can see, she was actually pretty entertained by the show. She seems hopeful of the future of the Xbox One; sports, tv and all.


  1. dafuzz

    It was quite interesting to hear about your wife’s opinions as she is part of the casual/non-gamer subset that MS is targeting. Based on what she was saying and what I have been hearing from casuals and non-gamers, the xbox one is pretty cool and something you want. Of course the hardcore crowd seem to absolutely hate it and as most of the features are US-oriented, it may not do so well outside US.

  2. uploaderdisney

    Does your wife actually want it for herself? Seems to me like she’s trying to see it from your point of view aka she only likes it because you want it. If you were excited about the PS4, she would say the same thing.

    • She plays quite a bit of Sins and stuff. She is probably tired of assuming I am not going to buy a new console when it comes out after 10 years of marriage.

      I like the PS4, she knows nothing about it. However, she hates the 3DS

  3. The NFL part was interesting. I didn’t hear them mention anything about Sunday Ticket in the announcement. I am very skeptical that we will be able to watch all of the NFL games on the xbox, only local broadcast/ESPN/NFL Network. She might be disappointed about that.

    I was entertained by your piece.

  4. Solkard

    Your wife sounds adorable. I don’t suppose she knows or cares about DRM and the sharing restrictions they’re imposing with the system? Ex. If Aiden’s friend gets a new game and brings it over to play at your house, you would basically have to repurchase the game so that you could play his game on your machine.

    • She plays PC games so she understands DRM. I haven’t told her about the hypothetical scenarios but if Sim City were any correlation, she wouldn’t mind as much if it doesn’t hinder the initial experience.

    • Shawn Pearson

      wrong all wrong don’t comment if u don’t know the facts this is how it works. everytime u pop a game in it dls to the harddrive and registers to ur acct well the game can be play on any profile that is on the xbox ur acct is on ( so if u have 1 box 3 accts 1 game everybody can play it on that one system ) No if u loan the game to ur friend or trade it the game will be unlicensed from ur console and acct and u can not play again. Is that simple enough for u i like how everybody is complaining about this but pc and steam have been doing this for years now and nobody cares, I hope gamestop closes and they do stop used games too many good game companies have closed in the past 2 yrs and u better believe used games had lot to do with it ..

      • That is not fact, just rumors. Just saying

  5. Censure

    I think Josh’s wife demonstrates the problems MS is going to run into by concentrating on the casual market. She can see why JOSH is excited. She is sorry that JOSH will have to replace HIS controllers. Simply put, she has a casual interest in the system that does not necessarily translate into her going out and buying the system herself. If Josh’s casual gamer wife is going to have an Xbox One in the home, it’s going to be because hardcore gamer Josh put it there. Ultimately, their household’s decision whether or not to purchase an Xbox One still rests with the hardcore gamer, not the casual gamer.

    • If it has games that appeal to her, she very could have made the decision to purchase it on her own if it has games she eventually wants to play