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FRONTBURNR | September 24, 2014

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My Wife: The Casual Gamer, Reacts to – Injustice: Gods Among Us

| On 18, Apr 2013

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Oh man. I honestly don’t know where to begin on this one. I went out and picked up Injustice: Gods Among Us and took it home to play through the story and get some multiplayer in with my wife. As I have noted in the past, she is a casual gamer at best and her comic knowledge is probably just short of nonexistent. So when she told me that she wanted to play as Emma Frost or Mystique, I couldn’t help but die a little on the inside.

After giving her a crash course in DC mythos and also introducing her to a majority of the cast of characters, we jumped into the game. I decided that the best place to start would be to have her watch me play story mode so she could acclimate herself to the game. While I was working through the combat tutorials, she was quick to point out that I “was so good at the game that I was having issues with simple attacks.” As I got to the advanced part of the tutorial, she saw the input commands and told me “well, that doesn’t look complex at all, I am sure you will be able to do that without any problem!”.

My wife is mean.

As I played through the story mode, she admitted to me that as she has no real experience with DC super heroes, she didn’t really find the story to be that compelling. It was probably because of this that she was able to sarcastically pick apart the levels I was fighting in.


“So Green Lantern and Cyborg are fighting each other with enough force that the hangar is falling apart and there are still scientists in the background working? They must be really committed to their jobs, but the plane that guy is studying just got smashed!” When I got to the Superman/Shazam scene, she asked me why this happens in the story but you can’t do that in the game.

She was kind of right, that would be cool.

After completing the campaign, we decided to play against each other in multiplayer. I won the first match, most likely because of my experience but also because Deathstroke is awesome and Harley Quinn is, well, herself. My wife demanded a rematch, and proceeded to thoroughly beat me up with the set pieces and super attacks, all while telling me that “Harley Quinn is so childish and immature, it’s kind of funny.” No, I am supposed to be the one that is good at games, it isn’t funny.




After playing through a series of fights, we discovered that she was really good with Killer Frost (she reminds her a little of Emma Frost, HA!), Harley Quinn and Ares. While actually beating me in over half the fights we played, I did notice something odd and I hope she isn’t actually reading this. She actually somehow manages to use a 360 controller like a fightstick. I don’t even know how that is possible, I could never do that, but I look over and her body is completely contorted around the gamepad. I can’t judge her on it though, somehow her play style was allowing her to pull off 8 or 9 hit combos and juggles, as well as level transitions. I was pretty amazed, however, I am buying her a fightstick so she doesn’t hurt herself either.

So, what were her overall thoughts on the game?

On the story: “I don’t want to sound mean but it was kind of boring to watch. Maybe it was because I don’t really like or know DC characters or because I wasn’t playing, but it just seemed boring.”.

On the tutorial: ”I don’t want to do that! It looked like it takes too much time and you weren’t great at it anyways”. Afterwards, “See I didn’t need the fancy tutorial, I can beat you regardless!”.

On multiplayer: ”that was fun, I like beating you. You can’t keep the secret moves to yourself though, you have to tell me how to do that too.”.

On the characters: ”I hate Bane because he is slow, he moves like he is pregnant.” and “Wait, Shazam is that dorky kid? Ha ha! That is pretty funny!”.

Her final opinion on the game itself? “I like playing games like this when I win. I won a lot so I do like this game and some of the characters are cool. No, I won’t play the game on Xbox Live.”

So it turns out she actually liked the game when she played against me. Truth is, she was pretty darn good, because I assure you, I am not bad at it either. We’ll be back next time with our next spotlight game, but if you’d like to see her reactions on any other games, drop a comment below and I’ll try to convince her to sit down and talk about it!



  1. hmmm interesting to see how a casual gamer responds to games like this

  2. The main thing I gathered from this article?

    Your wife kicked your ass.