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FRONTBURNR | July 12, 2014

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My Wife, The Casual Gamer, Reacts to – Dead Island: Riptide

| On 08, May 2013

It’s absolutely impossible for me to ever get my wife to play a game like Dead Island: Riptide. The first time that a zombie grabs her and starts attacking her, she would likely put down the controller and “nope” the hell out of there. However, she is a trooper. She also has begun to become aware that people actually like to read about her experiences with games I play. As I played this game during the review period (prior to the major patch that messed up a few things), she took the initiative to provide commentary to my trip to Panai.

This is our story.

Dead-Island-Riptide-LI selected John as my main character in this game, partly due to the fact that my wife felt that Sam B “looked like a crazy homeless guy”, Logan was “like Ben Roethlisberger and that guy is a mega douche that needs to be eaten by zombies” and the Purna and Xian “look more like blow-up dolls”. I was okay with this as John is the new guy and yeah, I wanted to see what he was all about.

As I was escaping the ship in the prologue, she seemed to play the “watch out for the next room, there will be a zombie in it!” game, which Riptide does a pretty good job of throwing curveballs on. As I was checking a series of rooms, she panicked each room I entered, then had a near heart attack when the last room actually had a zombie in it. After she followed up with “I told you there would be a zombie in that room”, What?! She was battling about .150 on those predictions.

“Clearly you have no respect for the dead”

Once I was able to get onto the island of Panai, I started playing with my friend Dan. He is the type of player that takes a bee-line towards all the goals and objectives and my wife got a kick out of the struggle that was our teamwork. She thought it was absolutely comical when Dan got killed while I struggled to get the jeep we were driving unstuck and how we would keep getting pulled out of the boat and panic. She also seemed to find our contrasting play styles amusing. While I was looking for Dan after he ran off somewhere, she told me “He is obviously where he needs to be while you are stopping to steal from the dead bodies and loot people’s houses and stuff. She also determined that we “were deadlier to each other than the zombies were” since we kept managing to blow each other up of set each other on fire.

We played through the first few chapters before I had to hunker down and put some serious effort into my actual review. Her comments on the game were:

On the characters: “The zombies looked pretty scary most of the time but the normal people all look pretty stupid.”

On combat: “Did you just jump out of the 3 story treehouse and kill a zombie, without getting hurt? Yeah this is totally realistic.”

On multiplayer: “You guys are a mess. Throwing weapons around and taking each other’s stuff. Blowing each other up. Not helping each other when you get grabbed and when Dan ran off towards the goal and left you with tons of angry zombies on the path? Hilarious.”

On the game itself: “The game seems pretty good from what I saw. I don’t really know the story but the zombies are scarier that the last one. There seems to be a lot of island for you guys to explore, even though some of those caves seem to look exactly the same.”

We have a baby on the way, it could happen any day, so I hope we will be back with a new game in a week or so! As always, if you want me to try to get her to get involved in another game, throw a suggestion in the comments. Personally, I think Surgeon Simulator is the way to go!