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FRONTBURNR | September 16, 2014

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Injustice: Gods Among Us App Review

| On 16, Apr 2013

In preparation for the major release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios gives us an app of the same name.
How does this freemium fighting game stack up?

Injustice Gods Among Us App batman

Firing the app up, the first thing you will notice is how good this game looks on the iPhone.

Characters are detailed, colors are dark and grimy to match the feel of the game, and animations are smooth. If there is one complaint to be made about the aesthetics, it would be that the text is microscopic, at best. Players will find themselves squinting on more than one occasion as they attempt to read the different text fields.

Starting off you get to control the three man team of Cyborg, Solomon Grundy, and mech-eqipped Lex Luthor. Fighting is done by a combination of taps and finger swipes and blocking by two finger presses. Switching the order of taps and swipes produces different combos, but after five or six fights you will begin to realize there isn’t a lot of variation between attacks. Different characters will have different moves and combos but they seem to be relatively limited.  Characters have specialized power moves as well, that usually involve specific swipes or taps indicated on the screen. How well you execute these power moves determines the amount of damage done to the opposition.


Injustice Gods Among Us app


As you continue to fight your way through the stages you will gain experience for your characters that will boost your strengths as well as give you Power Credits (in-game currency) that you can use to purchase additional characters. Most notably, the higher cost characters include Bane, Joker, Superman, and Batman. Most characters have skin variations as well, adding to the replayability of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

If patience is not your forté, you can purchase Power Credits through the in-game store to boost your in-game currency and purchase characters more quickly.

While gameplay only consists of taps and swipes, Injustice: Gods Among Us is surprisingly fun to play. Early bouts are very much on the easy side to let players get accustomed to the fighting controls, but opponents in latter rounds can prove to be a formidable challenge.  Fans of the DC Universe, and comic book fans as a whole, will enjoy milling through the levels to stack their Power Credits and unlock new characters to add to their team.




If you have been looking for a good fighting game app for your iPhone or iPad, Injustice: Gods Among Us will not let you down. Free to download, and free to play, it will give fans of fighting games and comic books alike many hours of enjoyment. Unlike many freemium games on the market, Injustice does a good job of making purchases an option, not a necessity.

Available now on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, check it out today!


InjusticeIf you are going to pick up the full disc based version of the game, head to your local Toys “R” Us and get a Free Game Guide (Prima) and Batman Action Figure [a combined $44.98 value] with the purchase of Injustice: Gods Among Us for $59.99 (Xbox 360 & PS3)
You can also purchase Injustice: Gods Among Us on!