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FRONTBURNR | September 19, 2014

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I Don’t Know Jack About Superheroes But I Dug Injustice: Gods Among Us

| On 16, Apr 2013

My knowledge of superhero canon was–and still pretty much is–based on movies, cartoons and music videos.

Christopher Reeve was Superman. Michael Keaton was Batman and the most awesome Batman in the history of Batmans. However, I guess I must admit Christian Bale topped Keaton for me. Not sure anyone can outdo that British gent’s Batman. Jack Nicholson as Joker? Come on! I loved me some Heath Ledger but you can’t beat Jack with a stick. The Maxx

Remember The Maxx cartoon on MTV?

All of these pop culture gems influenced how I look at superheroes.

I suppose the point is I don’t know much about comics and superheroes other than I love Batman and Batman loves me. Period.

A lot of this influential pop culture stuff occurred in the 90s as did my slight obsession with Tekken and Street Fighter. If you don’t know, I’m a FPS, action-adventure, RPG, simulation kind of girl. I can’t help but want some story play in my games. That having been said, beating the crap out of someone just because does hold some appeal.

When I downloaded the Injustice: Gods Among Us demo, I was expecting a Tekken/Street Fighter with superheroes.

The fact there’s a “Play Story” mode–which isn’t available in the demo–is icing on the let’s-beat-superheroes-into-pulp-piles cake; I was expecting a simple brawler with next to no story.

In the demo, the only option you have is to get into the Battles mode. I’m cool with that. Let’s get to smashing dudes.


Your options are Wonder Woman, Batman and Lex Luthor.

No matter who you choose, you’re going to end up fighting yourself. Each time I was playing my doppelgänger, I had flashbacks to playing Mario Kart with a friend and of me watching their side of the screen and thinking I was awesome. Oops

Wonder Woman and Batman’s controls felt good. Then again, I prefer ranged attacks and they both sport the ranged attacks–though don’t count them out on the hand-to-hand beating the crap out of people thing.

Lex Luthor felt…clunky. Maybe it’s due to his mech suit?

I went into Injustice: Gods Among Us looking for a button smasher. If that’s the route you want to go, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll just end up doing some awesome moves accidentally.

Zac Efron oops

If you pay attention to the moves available to you, you will be amazed by the range of moves available to your character; there are tons.

There are so many attacks for just Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor it would take me hours with each character to even come close to mastering their specific attacks. The first half of the time I would be accidentally doing awesome stuff and not knowing how I did them. Another quarter of the time I would be studying the moves. Maybe by the time I’m 3/4 through a character, I might have a clue what I’m purposely doing.

Yeah right Doctor Who

Favorite parts of the demo?

  • Batman’s attack where his righteous car runs you over–I could never get a handle on that combo–is freakin’ harsh and so, so awesome.
  • Doomsday drilling me down to some approximation of China left me cursing at the screen and left me both pissed off and impressed.
  • Ping-ponging people off of the helo which is hanging out next to where you’re kicking much butt? Never gets old. Ever.

Obviously, I don’t know how the final game looks but the demo impressed me.

Even without the extra skins and the story mode, I ended my demo play wanting more. Even though I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to wake up with little blisters on my thumbs, I had a damn good time with the demo.

Dumb demo gives you just enough to hook you.

So, yeah, I don’t know jack about superheroes and their canons but I know I want Injustice: Gods Among Us. That’s something, right?


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