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FRONTBURNR | August 21, 2014

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Gotta Catch More

| On 20, May 2013

In October of this year we’ll see Pokemon X and Y release with a number of new monsters. So far we’ve only seen information on about 10, including the 3 “starter” Pokemon. Players have always had a choice between a grass, water, or fire species to start out with and the new installment will be no different. Chespin (grass), Fennekin (fire), and Froakie (water) will get you started on your adventure this time.


It seems like only yesterday I was ripping open my Christmas presents in 1998 to find my very own GameBoy Color and Pokemon Blue. I spent that entire day on the living room couch with my eyes glued to that tiny screen roaming through the region of Kanto with my faithful Charmander. Fifteen years later the franchise is still going strong and the number of Pokemon species has increased to 649 with more on the way.

How in the world could anyone “catch’em all”?

Well if I thought the task was daunting with the original 150, 649+ is pretty much impossible in my book. But I never let the amount of Pokemon discourage me from getting as many as I could. In fact no matter how many I caught, I still ended up working with the 6 I could carry with me. I found that leveling up a select few was a better strategy to getting those coveted gym badges. But everyone has their own methods when it comes to their personal collection and the new installment will be no different.

Will there ever be too many monsters?

Pokemon has always had the element of addiction on its side. It’s like opening a can of Pringles and trying to only eat one. Once you start collecting the little guys, it can be hard to stop. Not only that but with a franchise that spans across so many years, new players are getting hooked with every game. It’s crazy to think that the young‘ins that go to pick up X and Y might not have even been born when I chose my first Pokemon. I’ll be ready for them in the pick up line with, “in my day we only had 150 Pokemon!”

Pokemon X and Y releases on October 31st