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FRONTBURNR | September 19, 2014

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Get Off the Rumor Train

| On 19, Apr 2013

E3 is fast approaching and the next generation of consoles is set to take center stage this year. We’ve already gotten a peek at what Sony has to offer with the PS4 but the new Xbox is still under wraps for the time being. With all this hype floating around social media it’s easy to get swept up in the rumors.

But until the official announcements are made, we must all resist the urge to overreact.


One of the biggest rumors out there for the next gen Xbox, codenamed Durango, is that it will require an internet connection for all games and apps. The “always on” talk has been causing quite a stir with gamers especially since the disastrous SimCity launch in March on PC.

The rumor mill reached a fever pitch when former Microsoft game director, Adam Orth, insulted Twitter fans over an “always-on” console. He has since resigned.

The issue is less about the connection itself and more about having the option to pull the plug and play offline. In situations like SimCity where the servers just can’t handle it, being able to play offline is an important feature. The same goes for players who have unreliable internet or those who have data limits. The “always online” requirement will affect a gamer’s choice when it comes to choosing their next console.

But the number of sites a rumor hits does not make it true. Let’s take the “no used games” rumor for example. This one has been circling the web for well over a year now with no clear cut response from the big name companies. So far Sony may be the closest to debunking this rumor on the PS4.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida stated “They (consumers) purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that’s my expectation.” It’s not really an overwhelming “yes it can support used games” but it’s enough to put at least a few minds at ease on the PS4 end of things. But Durango’s used game status is still up in the air.


Used games are an important part of the gamer ecosystem. With the economy in the tank and money being tight all around, shelling out for a new game isn’t an option for everyone. Even if it only means saving a few dollars, buying used is the only way some players get their games. But don’t start your petitions or protests just yet.

Not all next gen rumors are rage inducing.

If you dig deep enough you can always find some over the top ridiculous ones. Or you could always start your own and watch at least one person take your word as fact.

In the end the only real facts come from the companies releasing the product. It’s easy to get sucked into fake stories as time goes on. Without solid facts, believing a rumor is better than nothing for some. But they are not worth your time or the stress. Be patient and the real deal will come soon enough.

That’s when the real fun begins.