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FRONTBURNR | September 15, 2014

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Gamers: There When You Need Them Most

| On 19, Apr 2013

When tragedy strikes like it did on Marathon Monday in Boston, you can always count on the gaming community to reach out and respond. When it comes to me personally, it was that very community that kept me going that day. While I was waiting to hear from friends and family who were in the city that day, I was getting texts and tweets from people making sure I was okay. Some of these messages were from people I only know through a gaming headset. I was in shock and shaken but I was also touched by the outpouring of support from people who hardly knew me.

As gamers and as human beings in general we all needed extra support that day.

played-outWhen an event like that shakes the world, gamers sometimes have to be ready to defend their beloved hobby/way of life. Following the events of the many mass shootings we’ve seen over the years, video games are one of the first things to take some of the blame. The articles pour out from the press about the violence in video games leading children to a life of violence. But the gaming community always stands ready to fight back. United against the idea that a few out of control players represent the community as a whole.  In reality, most people who grew up on video games and continue to play them turn out to be normal people.

Well…normal in a sense that they know the difference between the fictional video game world and real life.

Gamers have a powerful voice when it comes to these events. When help is needed, gamers are at the ready to set up charity livestreams or set up contests and givaways to solicit donations to worthy causes. Every year gamers run 24hr gaming marathons to support Extra Life which works to benefit all children’s hospitals. Child’s Play Charity is another gaming industry charity that works to provide toys and games for children in hospitals. When the need is great, gamers never hesitate when it comes to giving what they can in support.

Gamers as a community are a huge presence in the world today. As the technology improves so does connectivity. Some connections run deeper than just hanging out in a Call of Duty lobby.

Some turn into lifelong friendships. People who are there when you need them most.