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FRONTBURNR | September 23, 2014

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Babes and Creeps: Throwing Rocks While Living In Glass Houses

| On 13, Jun 2013

This is the post where I complain about other people writing posts about “booth babes,” specifically posts calling for the eradication of said babes which start out talking about how objectified the women are but almost always devolve into slut shaming and name calling.

Yesterday I saw a Facebook post–can’t link ya since she deleted it–which was pretty gross. The woman said she was going to take pictures of the booth babes and then make fun of them. She said the women were basically inviting the ridicule since they had taken the job.¬†On Twitter, people were taking pictures of guys taking pictures of the booth babes and calling the guys nasty names.

If I were a betting woman, I’d wager thousands of posts and articles have been written detailing the horrors of booth babes and their detrimental effects on the female sex–especially to women in gaming.

However, I doubt the majority of women who take these booth babe jobs consider themselves to be “women in gaming.” I assume they consider themselves women doing a job they applied to do.

Have I interviewed a booth babe and asked her how she would categorize herself?


Am I making an assumption based on my take on the situation?


Do I think I’m right?

I do!

The “women in gaming” I saw at E3 were dressed professionally or wore jeans and t-shirts. None stood in front of booths and handed out stickers and other clambered after swag. To say booth babes are at the root of less women in decision making roles in this industry is ludicrous.

Granted, some are sure to be turned off by the marketing gimmick but I doubt someone who is passionate about games and making them a career is going to say, “Nope! Gaming has booth babes at their conferences. I’m out!”

Back to the beating the dead horse of a post topic: Hasn’t this been written about enough? Haven’t enough teeth been gnashed, hands wrung and vitriol spewed?


Do you really think calling booth babes “sluts” and guys who talk to them “creeps” is actually going to change a damn thing?

In the end, you portray yourself as an angry person with an axe to grind who is easily dismissed and mocked.

The expression, “You attract more flies with honey than vinegar,” is especially apt here.

You have issues with booth babes and studios that employ them as part of the studios’ marketing and PR plans?

Petition the studios. Talk with their PR and marketing folks. Make your case in a non-threatening and non-offensive way. Also? Have an alternative–or five–ready. Bitching and moaning and acting like a spoiled, entitled brat will do nothing but get you ignored.


Being a booth babe doesn’t make a woman stupid or ignorant. It doesn’t mean she’s easy or has sex for money. It sure as hell doesn’t mean she’s out to bring down all women in the gaming industry and across the entire freakin’ globe.

What does it mean?

It means she needs a job and there is a job for her to fill.

Quit being whining, complaining asses and work to change the job market if you don’t like it.

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  1. An engaging and refreshing viewpoint, if I do say so myself

  2. Kelly D

    Great article!! 100% agree :)