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FRONTBURNR | September 23, 2014

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About Josiah Motley

Josiah Motley

Josiah Motley

Josiah is the Social Media Specialist at and also enjoys writing about the wonderful world of gaming. He plays disc golf, but isn't good at it. He is not a writer, he just plays one on the internet.

Posts By Josiah Motley

How Giving Away Fable III Made Microsoft Money

June 26, 2013 |

Every now and then a game company does something nice. The most current example of that is happening on the Xbox 360 right now, where Gold Members will be privy to two free games a month until the release of … Read More

Don’t Feed the Hypebeast

May 9, 2013 |

So, by this point we’ve pretty much determined that marketing and advertising can dramatically supercharge a game’s sales figures but is the reverse also true? Does over the top marketing budgets and campaigns actually hurt the sales of other titles … Read More

Return of the Sequels: The Safe Bet Strikes Back

April 25, 2013 |

“I wish Activision would come out with something new!”

“Oh look, another sequel. How original.”

Have you ever heard a friend say that? What about yourself? Ever catch yourself mumbling those words?

Why do developers … Read More

Superheroes Among Us

April 23, 2013 |

su·per·he·ro /ˈso͞opərˌhi(ə)rō/ Noun: A benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman.

When we think of the term “superhero”, what comes to mind? Superman, Batman, Green Lantern? That would most likely be most people’s first thought, but superheros have … Read More

Injustice: Gods Among Us App Review

April 16, 2013 |

In preparation for the major release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios gives us an app of the same name. How does this freemium fighting game stack up?

Characters are detailed, colors are … Read More

Is Marketing More Important Than Gameplay?

April 11, 2013 |

Coming from a marketing background, I sometimes forget to enjoy the little things in life. I don’t see the new iPad Mini, I see the marketing ploy behind it. I can’t appreciate MOGA giving out controllers at PAX because I’m … Read More

The Indie MEGAbooth Recap

March 28, 2013 |

In its second year at PAX East, the Indie MEGAbooth has really found its place amongst the triple A studios of the show.

Instead of indie game developers trying to make their presence known on their own, Indie MEGAbooth has … Read More

The Future of Call of Duty

March 21, 2013 |

Players cannot argue the fact that the Call of Duty franchise is one of, if not the most, successful video game series of all time. Currently in it’s ninth iteration with Call of Duty: Black Ops II, sales have continued … Read More