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FRONTBURNR | September 22, 2014

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10 Characters That Should Be In Injustice and Why You Need to Have a Season Pass

| On 15, Apr 2013

NetherRealm’s super hero brawler is rapidly coming our way. Players will be taking an alternate look at a grim future for the DC comic universe. We noticed some popular characters that have been mainstays within the DC universe have not made the cut. Fortunately, Injustice will offer a season pass that will allow players to download characters and campaigns (such as Blackest Night or Red Son.)
Here are 10 characters that we would love to see on that season pass list:

Zatanna-hughesZatanna – Let’s be honest here, I know that some fans were a little upset with the fact that in the ‘New 52′ Zatanna actually wears pants. Seriously though, outside of Kryptonite, magic is good ol’ Supes other weakness. Why wouldn’t we want more magic-powered heroes in the game? Yeah we have Shazam and Black Adam, but come on, lets get the snazzy tights-wearing magician in on the melee!

Firestorm – Firestorm’s nemesis, Killer Frost is in the game. Why not Firestorm himself? While looking at the roster, the entire cast lacks one fire-themed combatant. As Firestorm’s popularity was starting to really ‘ignite’ before his book was cancelled earlier this year, I fully expect to see him bringing the heat soon.

GuardianjhThe Guardian – Ok, I was a huge comic fan during the 90s and into the 2000s. The Guardian was a prominent player throughout the Metropolis-based heroes books. When Superman “died,” The Guardian really got a chance to shine and established a strong following that lasted into the DC New 52 reboot. This guy was all about solving issues with his beat ‘em up brand of problem solving. He’d fit in with the rest of the cast as easily as anyone else.

Martian Manhunter – How is this guy NOT in this game yet? I mean, what is a NetherRealm game without a shapeshifter? The Martian Manhunter features an entire shopping list of super powers that could really spice up the game! I’ve heard rumblings that the Martian Manhunter will be the first DLC character but who knows? This JLA staple absolutely needs to be in the game.

BeastboyOYLBeast Boy – When I heard that Raven was going to be in the game, I assumed that her on-and-off-again lover and longtime teammate wouldn’t be too far behind. Fans of the animated Teen Titans series (and Titans comic) know that the quick-witted Beast Boy could easily bring some cool mechanics to this game. Besides, he’s way cooler than Cyborg.

Bizarro - Oh, come on! Superman is in this game! Why can’t his derptastic doppleganger be in the game, if not just for the lulz?


Hush wouldn’t have flashy special moves, in fact the guy would likely have his super-move just be two pistols to the forehead.

Hush – Hush is a very bad guy, even when compared to the rest of Batman’s rogues gallery. Hush is more evil-Batman than crazed killer and that makes his inclusion  so much more important. Hush just doesn’t take anyone’s crap. He wouldn’t have flashy special moves, in fact the guy would likely have his super-move just be two pistols to the forehead.

Clayface – When I talked about Martian Manhunter, I brought up how this game needs some shapeshifters. Clayface brings some awesome mechanics into the game. While he doesn’t emulate any superpowers, he could certainly switch forms during the fight and provide interesting move list.





Poison Ivy – Of the 5 women in the game, none of them are Poison Ivy. Not only would she be a fun character with her numerous plant-related attacks, she also has so many awesome costume opportunities. Ivy has always been a popular villain in the Batman books, why wouldn’t her potential be used to it’s full potential? Imagine her moves list; it’d be awesome!



Darkseid – NetherRealm pls. This dude is the Shao Kahn of the DC Universe and could bring all of that to the table. He has kicked Superman’s butt on numerous occasions and also recently killed the Batman. He enslaves entire planets and offers galaxies an opportunity for servitude or complete annihilation. Darkseid is so powerful that only Doomsday and Superman are physical equals and he can almost mentally best the Batman. It would be great to see him in the game, yet I don’t know how he wouldn’t be ridiculously overpowered.


So there you go, 5 heroes and 5 villains that would be great additions to the game. When I looked at it, I really did try to avoid similar characters to the existing roster (i.e. Blue Beetle, Bosster Gold, Guy Gardner, Maxim, The Huntress, Robin, Red Hood, Big Bertha, Super Girl, Power Girl etc.) As this is a collaboration of both NetherRealm and DC, the list almost never ends.
Who are YOUR must-have characters in the game?


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  1. Lobo should be there & I hope he is part of some DLC.

  2. DC Fan

    Zatanna is boring. She’s a magician, not a superhero. And, Beast Boy & Firestorm aren’t half as interesting as Dr. Fate & Etrigan.